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Welcome to The Year of Tall Tales

New Year’s Resolutions suck. This year I’ve decided to give myself the gift of trying; a no-pressure space to write something every day, no matter how bad it turns out to be.

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July 23rd

Prompt: Mother-In-Law Are we really still Telling mother-in-law jokes In this day and age?

July 22nd

Prompt: War For as long as I can remember, the war has raged on. The twin countries of my consciousness have been unable to resolve this disagreement amongst themselves. And so my body became a battleground. Beacons flaming, acrid smoke, rat-a-tat attack tune, salt sweat tears, burning red faces, streaky…Continue reading »

July 21st

Prompt: Petition Bezos in Space Perhaps we should start A petition to leave the Billionaires there? Then we could use their Fortunes to put everything In a fairer light.